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The Circle

We are a circle of experts with a wealth of knowledge in the CX field. We have certified consultants, technology partners and associations we team up with across the globe. Collectively, we speak and work with our clients in several languages including English, Chinese and Spanish, and currently provide services to over 2500 organizations. You can become part of the Circle in one of three ways: as a consultant, a technology partner or an association. Read on to find out more.

What we bring to the table

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Our consultants

The Snapshotz consultants are industry experts, enabling clients to navigate the assessment process in record time by supporting management.

They are experts at identifying and anticipating opportunities for growth, staff development, cost reductions, increased productivity and technology improvement within any kind of organization. Best of all, they remain objective throughout the process, and can be a sounding board at the time of the assessment or into the future. Ultimately leading to cohesion within teams and customer service delivery support, they add tangible value to the assessment process. Don’t go chasing your tail, join the only Circle that can give that can give you and your customers true value solutions in record time.

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Who we work with

Technology Partner

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Our technology partners use Snapshotz to determine their clients’ current state of CX maturity, helping them make the most of their current technology and advise on and help implement new technology needed to maximise their ROI.

Based on international standards, Snapshotz provides the technical team one major advantage: objectivity.

Unbiased advice allows the client and the technology partner to navigate the process together and form a bond. Time and time again we've heard how these relationships form the basis of long-term client engagement, delivering gains for both sides.

Snapshotz is available on the Genesys AppFoundry, the industry's largest dedicated marketplace for customer experience solutions.

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The associations we partner with represent the customer service industry. They live and breathe connecting people and are professionals who mostly volunteer their time to uplift the industry to achieve best practices.

They offer Snapshotz as an accreditation programme for members, providing them with a value add to their membership.

At the same time, Snapshotz is a powerful tool for associations to understand the needs of the membership community, what’s hot and what type of technology is up and coming in the industry.

"Auscontact's role is to elevate the contact centre industry to recognition amongst its business peers as an essential and successful business model and career choice. Essential amongst this is ensuring that organisations are able to effectively and efficiently measure their performance against a global and national benchmark – that is what certification and accreditation delivers through a key partner with the footprint and respect that Snapshotz provides."

Fiona Keough, Chief Executive Officer, Auscontact

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Partner Testimonies

"Snapshotz is a fundamental tool for us as it benchmarks each of the four pillars of contact center operations: people, process, technology and methodology. It provides a frame of reference to drive the improvement initiatives needed by the organization. Our consultants can quickly highlight areas of improvement opportunities, which create a context for them to demonstrate their knowledge in recommending solutions. Clients can clearly see how their organization is performing against best practice."

Colin Taylor,
CEO & Chief Chaos Officer,
The Taylor Reach Group

"Snapshotz simultaneously achieves buy-in from the operation’s management team and unambiguous and consensus-driven remedial and developmental tasks. It gives our consultants access to a massive amount of intimate knowledge about virtually all aspects of the contact centre or CX delivery channels. With faster response rate and narrow-down answers, they can focus on fast business improvements for their clients. They, in turn, report capped or reduced operational costs and business risks, increased efficiencies and revenues, improved customer satisfaction and CX engagement, along with increased staff satisfaction and engagement."

Rod Jones,
Managing Partner,
Rod Jones Consulting

"Evolving with the changing needs of customer experience delivery and ways to relate to others, Snapshotz keeps abreast of trends that are becoming best practices for customer engagement. As a seasoned Auditor, I could resume my experience applying the Snapshotz Accreditation program as a very practical and easy to use, high-value platform and methodology. It allows you to easily detect improvement areas and generate high-impact action plans to lift performance in short periods of time."

Gabriel Mendez,
Global Tech Consultant and Senior Assessor,
Snapshotz Mexico

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