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Your team and customers are at the heart of your organization's success. Know how to engage with and keep them on your side. Launched in 2009 and with a network of consultants distributed worldwide, we lead the business assessment and benchmarking world of CX. Fast, powerful, and comprehensive, Snapshotz's true value rests on providing the answers you need to elevate CX to a new level. Take control today.


The driving force of your CX is here. A strategic 800+ point matrix combined with leading technology, Snapshotz breaks through the complexity of CX data analysis to deliver clear solutions.


Understanding the complexity of variables that make up your customers' experiences is what we do best. We take a holistic view and produce a simple solution.


Simple to set up, instant access – smooth and flowing processes that deliver the answers you need to improve your CX engagement.

True value

What if we told you we hold the key to your team's and customers' satisfaction? We empower you to improve your customers' experiences – at a low price tag.


On registration you become part of the Snapshotz worldwide community. We draw knowledge from our customers’ current practices, certified consultants, technology partners and industry bodies to deliver an all-round solution. Once you complete the assessment, we provide you with one of two forms of endorsement: accreditation or certification. Both benchmark your organisation against best practice, increasing the confidence and trust your client base and team put on you.

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About CSA

Created in 2009, Customer Services Audit has headquarters in Auckland, NZ, and services customers in over 35 countries.